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Babies Behind Bars

Babies Behind Bars was launched in May 2013 and aims support vulnerable mothers and their children who are currently in either a correctional environment, or the confines of a "safe" house or refuge centre. Our dedicated team is there to support these women and their youngsters and to help them get their life back on track.

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Babies Behind Bars was launched in May 2013 and offers support to mothers and their children who are in either in a correctional environment, or the confines of a "safe" house or refuge centre.

Women who have escaped unbearable situations, such as being trafficked or abused, usually run the moment they get the chance. They do not have time to plan never mind pack a suitcase. Once they arrive at these safe centre's, centre's such as Ewa'a (part of Red Crescent and have three rescue centre's in the UAE) or the Dubai Foundation for Women Children, they arrive with quite literally the clothes on their back, as do their babies.

The same predicament applies for women who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, and are sentenced to a jail term before being pardoned or repatriated to their home country. Some are knowingly or unknowingly pregnant at the time of entering the prison, and some of them already have children. Those who already have infants or small children, usually have no one to take care of them whilst they are serving their sentence and are given the option of having the children sent home as unaccompanied minors, however, many of them, especially with younger infants, understandably want to keep their babies close to them.

This leaves correctional facilities and rescue centre's with the additional burden of supplying for hundreds of unexpected children and to provide clothing, food, and basic day to day necessities' for them all, and is not realistically in their budgets.

Babies Behind Bars, hope to bridge that budgetary gap, and invite the community to support these mothers and their young children with things they need to make their stay wherever they may be more comfortable. 

In the first 8 months, more than 22 mothers and 24 children were supported in their journey back home, and two wish lists were completed for the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, all with support of our dedicated team and the beautiful hearts of the UAE community who stepped forward to help make the purchases needed.

Check out our Facebook page for updates and to find out more information on how to help: https://www.facebook.com/BabiesBehindBarsUae

Babies Behind Bars

Babies Behind Bars
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