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Friends with Flowers

Friends with Flowers is our first new project for 2014 and we are so excited to bring this to you! Being in the hospital can be lonely and very difficult at times, and we are on a mission to bring some love, smiles and of course flowers to those who need it the most. Volunteers will be going into hospital wards to give flowers and share a smile to people who need a little boost in their day, and to remind them that they are not alone. Scroll down for more details!

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Most of us have been in a situation where someone we love has been admitted into hospital for a few days, weeks or months. For the patient, their family and their friends this can be a very difficult time. In life changing situations it is very important that all the people involved know that they are not alone and to always remember to stay positive. Very often it is the small gestures that take so little of us that mean the most to someone who is unwell and their loved ones, and gives them that positive boost to keep going. The hospital staff and nurses also have a physically and emotionally demanding job, and deserve the greatest amount of appreciation!

Every month we are going to send a lovely team of volunteers to go into hospitals to give flowers to patients in the infirmary wards, hospital staff and the family and friends visiting. We want to remind them that they are not alone and that there are people who truly care and appreciate their struggles and hard work. We hope to brighten up their day and motivate them to stay strong!


  • Positive and motivating attitude
  • Approach everyone with a glowing smile :)
  • Age: 16+


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Friends with Flowers

Friends with Flowers
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