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Give a Gift

Give a Gift is Volunteer in UAE’s project which will give the regular member of the community an easy, transparent and tangible way to put a smile on the face of a deserving person.

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The Give a Gift project

Give a Gift provides a way for the community to reach out and give back to those in need: from orphans who have been left without any presents on their birthdays, to children from financially vulnerable backgrounds undergoing surgeries or treatments for challenging medical conditions, to families who have lost all their belongings in a fire and are in need of furniture.

The way it works is simple. Our volunteers endeavour to research our communities, liaise with charities such as the the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), Human Appeal and many more, to find out about as many people in their scope of care that might deserve a smile.

We will then meet the person or child and ask them what sort of gifts they would like for their birthday, or what they would like to ask for in order to ease their situation. Our role then is to get their story out in the caring community, through our Facebook page, and hope that someone will come forward to sponsor that gift. We will upload a photo album for each person we are supporting, along with their story, their situation and their need.

For example: a labourer, whose wife is ill back in his home country, may not have enough money to make a call to her. Hence we might ask the public to support him with a 100dhs Etisalat calling card to make that call.

The person who wants to sponsor the gift will simply need to comment affirmatively on the photo that’s uploaded, and we will then confirm who has been chosen as the sponsor. The sponsor will then have 24hours to organize the purchase of that gift and confirm to us that it has been bought. If not, the request will go to the second person who offered to sponsor the gift, and so on. Once the gift is purchased, we will arrange for the sponsor to meet the person/child to handover their gift. We will be there to ensure everything goes smoothly and to take photos to upload to complete our Facebook photo album, although privacy will in no doubt be respected and anonymity retained if sponsors don’t want to be in focus in anyway.

To stay updated with this project and our latest gift receivers please visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/GiveAGiftUae

See…Easy. Transparent. Tangible.

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Read more about give a gift
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