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Hair for Hope

Volunteer in UAE’s Hair for Hope project, in partnership with NStyle Nail Bars, offers women around the country the opportunity to donate their hair to help make wigs for cancer patients.

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Hair for Hope Project

Volunteer in Dubai launched the Hair for Hope Project in October 2011. As you know, cancer patients undergoing rigorous chemotherapy often lose their hair during the treatment process and many girls and women prefer to wear wigs during this difficult time. Hair for Hope aims to encourage women to cut their hair and donate it to organizations that make wigs specifically for these cancer patients.

Hair loss is one of the most emotionally devastating side effects of chemotherapy for women, and even more so for little girls. Chemotherapy can affect not just the hair on your head, but eyelashes, eyebrows and in fact hair on just about any part of the body. Hair loss occurs because chemotherapy treatment is designed to attack the cancerous cells in the body, and more often than not, healthy cells are caught in the crossfire. This happens because hair follicle cells, just like cancer cells, multiply very quickly and chemotherapy drugs have difficulty in discerning the difference.
There is no way to tell if someone will lose their hair during treatment; some people do not lose any at all, some only suffer from thinning of the hair, but unfortunately there are many more people who lose it all.
Hair loss all depends on the medications the patient is taking, how frequent doses are given and how aggressive treatment is. Unfortunately, to date there is no prevention or medication to combat hair loss.
Initiatives such as Beautiful Lengths (USA) support patients by making wigs from real hair and to date they have made and gifted 18,000 wigs to women and children undergoing chemotherapy. Because wigs made from real hair are very expensive to produce and many patients can’t afford them, these wonderful wigs are in high demand. This therefore means that initiatives such as Beautiful Lengths can only produce wigs if hair donations are plentiful, so these donations are critical to both project and to improving the lives of as many women as possible battling this terrible disease.
In the long term, we are looking into starting the Middle East's first wig making initiative of its own, and we are currently speaking with the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Jordan to see how we can go about putting this together. Hopefully with sufficient community and donor support, over the next few months we will be able to introduce an option to keep donated hair in the region and supporting patients closer to home.

Donation Criteria:

  1. Hair must be at least 8 inches long (no maximum length)
  2. Wavy or curly hair should be measured and quantified when straight
  3. Hair must be free of permanent colour, bleach or other chemical treatments such as the Japanese straightening system
  4. Vegetable dyes, semi-permanent dyes and rinses are acceptable, but “virgin” hair is preferred
  5. No more than 5% hair can be grey

If you meet the donation criteria and wish to make an appointment with the salon, please email hairforhope@volunteerinuae.com and we will coordinate with the salon to make an appointment for you.


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