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Pass the Glass

Pass the Glass, in partnership with Al Ain Water, is our project that aims not only to hand out cool water and health information leaflets to workers in the midday sun, but also and perhaps more importantly, let these men know we care about them and that they are not invisible to us as we speed along in our air-conditioned cars!

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Pass the Glass project

In partnership with Al Ain Water, Volunteer in UAE is launching the "Pass the Glass" initiative. This not only aims to offer a refreshing glass of water to those working in the summer heat but also to educate them on the importance of hydration and the health risks associated with lack of fluid intake during the extreme climatic conditions of the UAE.

Cards containing information on hydration, which have been translated into several different languages, are offered to anyone seen working on the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the course of hot summer months, along with a healthy serving of water.

The way it works is simple - teams of four volunteers are sent into the city (one driving, two as passengers ready to jump out to offer water, and one acting as a photographer for that team to document the team’s efforts). The volunteers, who are armed with an abundance of water and health information cards, will approach any person spotted working in the summer sun and take a moment to explain to them the importance of taking note of the information on the card and of course, give them a glass of water.

To join us in our effort to quench the thirst of the nation please sign up on our website and check our Event Listings page for updates!

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