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Summit Silence

Summit Silence aims to equip as many people as possible with the basics of sign language in order to have fewer deaf and hearing impaired people living in what can only be a very isolating world.

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Summit Silence Project

Imagine being able to fully communicate with only 2 or 3 people in your family who have chosen to learn sign language in order to support your impairment, and possibly a few friends in a support group. Everyone else you run into - assistants at the supermarket, bank tellers, bartenders, strangers at the mall – is in a whole other world that you have been shut out of. Day-to-day living can be a constant struggle – when it really doesn’t need to be!

Our Summit Silence events will equip you to communicate with and understand an audibly impaired person's wishes, thoughts and feelings; should you ever have the opportunity to interact with him/her.

In Sign Language, facial expression including the raising or lowering of the eyebrows while signing, and body language are integral parts of communicating. These actions help give meaning to what is being signed, much like vocal tones and inflections give meaning to spoken words.

Summit Silence is a project that aims to give you a skill that will empower you to one day give an audibly impaired person a new friend to talk to.

Stay updated on our Summit Silence workshops by signing up on the website and regularly checking our Event Listings page!

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